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Aves, 39/2 | 2002 | 85-103

  Guide (questionnaire) for the identification of juvenile small shuas (Stercorarius sp.)
Leclercq, J.

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Article summary

This paper presents as a questionnaire (determination key) the simplest and most reliable determination criteria than can be used in the field to identify, when on the ground, juvenile individuals of the three species of small skuas, Parasitic, Pomarine and Long-tailed. Twelve criteria are split into 6 groups : colors and tinge, general structure, wings, upper- and under-tail coverts, tail, bill. The importance of each criteria is weighted by a confidence index that takes into account, among other things, the high variability of those spexies and their frequent atypical features. The second part of this paper illustrates, with 16 photographs, several classical cases for each species, as well as three cases considered as difficult ones, with unusual or atypical features.

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