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Aves, 39/2 | 2002 | 123-127

  Ortolans Buntings (Emberiza hortulana) during the 2002 breeding season in the Luxembourg province
Vieuxtemps, D. & Jacob, J.-P.

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Article summary

Two territories occupied by Ortolan Buntings have been discovered in forest clearings (see photograph 1) on 17th and 29th of June in southeastern Belgium; one of the birds stayed until July 9th. Ortolan Bunting has disappeared as a breeding species in Belgium and in the neighbouring regions. Those observations must be considered in the context of the final stage of an extinction process occuring in north-western Europe where the last observations usually are those of isolated males. Several hypothesis can be proposed to explain their presence, including that of a displacement of birds following territory holding or an aborted breeding attempt in another region. This could furthermore explain their late arrival date.

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