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Aves, 39/3-4 | 2002 | 129-143

  Habitat modeling: a tool for forest ecology management. A case study of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos minor) in belgian Ardenne.
Delahaye, L., Derouaux, A., Delvingt, W.

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Article summary

The habitat requirements of the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker were studied during the spring in Ardenne, Belgium, in order to 1) assess the validity of a habitat suitability model; 2° create a new model using multiple logistic regression. The habitat suitability model contains three parameters: tree basal area (GHA), number of tree species (NBESS) and tree composition (ESS) (table 1). These parameters are estimated by a forest inventory. Observations showed that the habitat suitability indices model performs well for 9 ha plots but, is irrelevant for 1 ha plots. The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker requires the presence of a high diversity of tree species, a high density of dead trees and a basal area of more than 15m2/ha. Dead trees and basal area parameters were used to design multiple logistic regression model. Foresters could use this model as a tool in their forest management.

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