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Aves, 39/3-4 | 2002 | 159-178

  Study of the diet and food-selectivity of the Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis) wintering in belgian high-Meuse.
Evrard, G., Tarbe, A.L.

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Article summary

The settlement of a new wintering population of Great Cormorant along the river Meuse brought about some anxiety in angler community. Consequently, we have decided to study diet and selectivity of the predator fish consumption of fish by pellets analysis. Proportions of fish species, in number and biomass, were determined. During wintering periods, four species (Roach, Gudgeon, Perch and Ruffe) were mainly consumed. Size of prey range between 50 and 200 mm (for 90%). The diet seems to be stable between the two studied periods, and intra-annual variations occur for Perch in winter 2002/03. A positive selectivity was proved for Ruffe, Perch and Gudgeon, whereas Breams and Chub were avoided. Roach and Eel were consumed as the same proportion than in the river Meuse. None selectivity appears for size classes caught. The preferences are probably due to the adaptation of birds to morphological shape, habitat use and behaviour of fish species living in the river during winter.

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