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Aves, 40/1-4 | 2003 | 24-25

  Black Storks (Ciconia nigra) in Togo: status and conservation.
Pojer, F.

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Article summary

Protection and conservation of natural heritage have always been major preoccupations for all social populations. That’s why, the governement from Togo established a sustainable and rational management policy, to insure continuity of its natural resources, conservation of biodiversity and to prevent ecological instability. To reinforce international cooperation, Togo did not hesitate to ratify convention such as Ramsar, CMS and AEWA. By this, it has allowed the monitoring of migrating bird species and western palearctic birds in particular. Birds census conducted with the precious help of Wetlands International and OMPO (Oiseaux Migrateurs du Paléarctique Occidental), showed that more than 70 bird species, including Black Stork, live with a geographic area between latitude 7°30’ and 11° north. Their habitats, especially wetlands areas, are threatened and continuously decline. Those threats are silting of sites, pastoral and agricultural extension leading to wetlands destructions, and finally a lack in the organization of hunting. In Togo, conservation measures for Black Stork consist in hunting prohibition in accordance with laws and AEWA Plan in force. Census results from last years showed that: - in February 1999: 15 birds were present in the Nangbéto area and in Kéran National Park; - in July 1999: 5 birds in Kéran National Park; - in February 2000: 20 birds on the three sites: Nangbéto, Gravioux Domain and Kéran National Park. All operations will continue in future years to improve the knowledge of the species: seasonal movements, population, habitats, and her cultural value in the country.

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