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Aves, 40/1-4 | 2003 | 171-172

  Wintering sites of the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) in West Africa.
Jadoul, G., Hourlay, F., Toussaint, A.C.

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Article summary

Our knowledge of the West African wintering areas of the Black Storks was improved through their being equipped with satellite transmitters. The wintering range of BlackStorks in West Africa is extremely large. It stretches between latitude 10° and 16° north and longitude 16° west and 4° east: from northwest with the Senegal River, to southeast and Lake Kainji on the Niger River in Nigeria. The entire area is occupied by bush savannah or wooded savannah. those areas receive betweeen 200 mm and 1000 mm of rain / year. Black Storks arrive at the beginning of the dry season and leave West Africa with the drying of water holes (between latitude 11° and 16° north) at the end of January or the beginning of arch. The wintering areas are frequented by our birds: - a western area in East Mauritania, Senegal and West Mali; - a central area with the Niger delta; - an eastern area with South and East Burkina Faso, West and Southwest Niger, West Nigeria, North Benin, North Togo and North of Ghana. The status of those sites frequented by storks in those three areas is really interesting. National parks and game reserves dominate: 10 national parks and 2 game reserves, covering a total surface of 31.320 km2. Outside those protected areas, Black Storks followed by our program frequent several areas where they are confronted with human activity. This is mainly the Gorgol of South to the Kayes in Mali, Falémé in Senegal, the region south to the Kayes in Mali, interior delta of Niger surrounding Mopti, in West Niger and North Togo, nearby Mandouri. It is generally a mixed area with stockbreeding and culture along wadis.

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