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Aves, 40/1-4 | 2003 | 179-183

  Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) wintering in Nazinga game ranch - Burkina Faso.
Portier, B.

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Article summary

Since the beginning of the “Cigognes sans Frontières” program, West European Black Storks were known to winter in Burkina Faso and particularly in the Nazinga game reserve but, no quantitative data were available. Education program in Nazinga contributed to a better knowledge of Black Stork by trakcers, guides and foresters of the game reserve. Almost all trackers, out in the bush during the last quarter of 1999 and the first of 2000, were able to see one but, generally several Black Storks. Our personal observations, completed with the precious indications of trackers, gave us a figure of more than 40 birds wintering on shallow ponds or reservoirs. A dozen birds were additionally observed regularly in the Sissiki-Safari. Therefore, from November through February, around 60 Black Storks occupy the Nazinga area, representing 3% of the West-European population.

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