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Aves, 40/1-4 | 2003 | 190-191

  Public awareness in Benin
Lougbegnon, T.

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Article summary

The protection of the Black Stork in Africa, i.e. in Benin, must be based both on direct protection of the species and on preservation on its habitats. This can’t be achieved without awareness of concerned local populations. For this, the most urgent things to do are: - to achieve a Black Stork migration monitoring plan; - to locate the storks in those areas, to film them; - to declare the Black Stork, as a threatened bird and to take actions for conservation and protection of birds and their habitats, specially towards department authorities and local peoples; - to make primary schools, coranic schools, college, religious and cultural centres, sensitive to Black Stork conservation, using posters, slides, video tapes and ornithological excursions; - to associate students, teachers, hunters to Black Stork conservation actions; - to initiate management and conservation programs for habitats frequented by Black Stork in Benin; - to organize environment classes for local communities; - to choose partnership or cooperation actions, between Belgium and Benin, for schools and rural communities. Black Stork will be their main theme because nowadays, facing economic problems, few benineses are concerned by bird’s protection. Therefore, every action must consider first the improvement of the standard of living of those rural populations settled next to wintering areas.

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