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Aves, 40/1-4 | 2003 | 200-201

  From a national restoration plan to a local conservation plan appication.
Broussault, P., Seriot, J.

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Article summary

Black Stork, considered as wholly threatened on the french territory, is one of a dozen species for which a restoration plan has been elaborated. Ordered in 1999 by the ministry of land management and environment, this document is now under ratification by the national council of nature protection. In a standardized format, a first section recalls the biology of the bird, its status and conservation actions, etc. A second section details objectives and actions that must be taken to keep this species in France. Among such actions conducted at a local scale, in the absence of a special protected area essential for a Life financing, can benefit from a financing procedure. The are essentially supported by the National Forest Office (Office National des Fôrets - O.N.F.), economical and inescapable actor in forest areas. Each year, thanks to the Blach Stork netwoork, the breeding populationis estimated. Consequently, immediate nest surroundings are specially protected and favourable sites are managed with agro-environmental protection measures. those actions initiated by the O.N.F. and inculded in a restoration plan are only the initial part of a general approach, which must be extended to all Black Storks territoires. So, an international approach, and not only the Life program, which is limited to Europe, is essential, especially towards african nations.

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