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Aves, 41/1-2 | 2004 | 62-64

  The Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) winter roosts 2003-2004census in Wallonia and Brussels area.
Paquet, J.-Y.

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Article summary

The monthly counts of Great Cormorant night roosts in Wallonia (Southern Belgium) and Brussels area show a decrease of mid-winter numbers in 2003-2004 comparing to 2002- 2003 (4760 ex., - 10,6 %). Numbers in November are increasing, but still lower than mid-winter numbers. New roosts have been discovered in 2003-2004, but these newly created roosts correspond apparently to a redistribution of the local wintering population rather than a further expanse of wintering area. Compared to colder winter, Cormorants have been using less the Sambre river (a canalised river in an industrial area) and using more the roosts located at ponds or lakes.

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