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Aves, 41/3-4 | 2004 | 228-233

  First nidification of the Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) in the wallon part of the Meuse valley
Pourignaux, F. & Paquet, J.-Y.

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Article summary

This note describes the first successful breeding of Great Cormorant in the wallonian part of the Meuse River valley. In May 2003, two nests were discovered in a large poplar tree, on a river island at Namur (50°26'N, 4°51'E - Belgium). One of the pair managed to raise 4 fledglings, while the other failed. This first breeding case in this important area for wintering Cormorant fits well with the usual pattern of new Cormorant colony settlement: the place is very quiet and safe, is used since 1994 by a major wintering roost and is one of the few wintering roost where a Grey Heron colony is found.

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