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Aves, 42/1-2 | 2005 | 121-133

  Assessment of the fishing pressure of the Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo L.) on the Belgian Meuse River through the follow-up of its morning dispersal
Evrard, G., Dermien, F., De Gottal, P., Monmart, A., Pourignaux, F., Vanmeerbeeck, Ph. & Paquet, J.-Y.

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Article summary

The present study focuses on the Meuse river valley, where a significant part of the Walloon wintering population of cormorant is found. Its aim was to evaluate the fishing pressure exerted by cormorants in those parts of the river where the populations of prey species are well characterized. The follow-up of morning dispersals allowed determining the fishing pressure and, thanks to data on food consumption, to estimate the amount of fish taken locally. Our results show that the fishing pressure by cormorants around their roosts is not distributed evenly. On the central part of the Jambes area (118 ha), the annual fishing pressure was estimated to be 186.8 cormorant-day/ha for the period 2001- 2002 and 204.6 cormorant-day/ha for the period 2002-2003, which is, expressed as mean value per week, equal to 3.59 cormorants-day/ha (2001-2002) and 3.93 cormorant-day/ha (2002- 2003). The relative predation exerted by cormorants can be evaluated for this part of the Meuse river at 77.0 kg/ha/year (2001-2002) and 84.3 kg/ha/year (2002-2003).

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