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Aves, 42/1-2 | 2005 | 163-172

  Diversity of the ornithochoric pulpy fruits in the Algerian Sahel.
Milla, A., Voisin, J.-F. & Doumandji, S.

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Article summary

The morphology of pulpy fruits of plants recorded in the algerian Sahel is described according to colour, volume and number of seeds. These fruits belong to 65 plant species, representing 26 families, and appear all over the year. Most fruits come from trees (35 species, 53.9 %) and bushes (18 species, 27.7 %). The fruit type most frequently observed is the drupe (54.7%). The most frequent colours are red, present in 23 species (35.9 %) and black, present in 19 species (29.7 %). 34 fruit species (54.0 %) contain only one seed.

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