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Aves, 42/3 | 2005 | 261-265

  Citril finch (Serinus citrinella) populations at the north of the Pyrenees may winter in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula
Borras, A., Blache,S., Cabrera, J., Cabrera, T. & Senar, J.C.

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Article summary

The Citril finch Serinus citrinella has been traditionally considered at the North of the Pyrenees, as a short-distance and vertical migrant. Recently it has been suggested that these birds could winter in high mountains in the south of Spain. This is based on the observation of some numbers of birds wintering in that area and on an old record of a Swiss bird being controlled in October 1959 in NE Spain, which had been assumed to be crossing the area. There is however no ringing data which confirms the origin of Citril finches wintering in the south of Spain. We think that a more parsimonious view is that birds observed wintering in the south of Spain belong to the Morena- Betic System breeder population, and that Alpine birds, in an still unknown proportion, may winter in NE of Spain. In order to support this view, we provide data on two confirmed French breeders and two birds of Swiss origin, which were controlled during the winter in Solsona, Berguedà and Bages plains (Catalonia, NE Spain). One of the French birds was controlled within the same season in the same wintering area in Catalonia for two times (13rd November and 19th February), confirming that it was wintering there and not just crossing the area. Genetic and stable isotop data will confirm what is the proportion of transpirenean Citril finches wintering in NE Spain, and the true origin of wintering birds found in the south of Spain

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