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Aves, 46/3 | 2009 | 136-140

  Wintering White headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala in Garaet Hadj-Tahar (Skikda, Northeast Algeria)
Metallaoui, S., Atoussi, S., Merzoug, A. & Houhamdi, M.

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Article summary

Garaet Tahar Hadj is one of the main sites frequented by White-headed Duck in Algeria. The maximum observed in winter (251 birds) is the highest recorded for all Algerian wetlands. This number is however composed of two populations, a sedentary and breeding one made up of 6 to 7 pairs, the other one only wintering and more numerous. The latter prefers free space at the center of the garaet while the breeding population is dispersed throughout the western area rich in Nymphaea alba. The daytime behavior is dominated by sleep (38.98%), followed by swimming (35.6%), preening (18.18%), feeding (4.76%, among which 3.16% diving and 01.6% surface picking), other activities (flight, parade and antagonism) accounts for a minimal budget in this time.

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