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Aves, 47/3 | 2010 | 139-149

  Migrants counts by direct observation in Wallonia and use of the www.trektellen.org website.
Paquet, J.-Y. & Dujardin, R.

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Article summary

Bird migration counts are conducted by hundred of birdwatchers throughout Europe. This type of census gives opportunities to better understand migration phenology, changes in bird yearly cycle timing, as well as, in some cases, population trends. For a few years, a website specially dedicated to this type of census (www.trektellen.org) attracts many users, also in French-speaking Belgium. Migrant count locations must be selected with care, on a crest or with a good view toward the principal axis of the postnuptial migration. Clouded sky is helpful to detect passing birds, and is better than clear sky when birds can be migrating very high. The paper gives practical information on how to use Trektellen, to encode data as well as to visualise results.

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