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Aves, 47/4 | 2010 | 246-248

  « Early Bird Data », a digitizing project of first ornithological data centralized by Aves
Paquet, J.-Y. & De Sloover, M.

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Article summary

Since 1966, the Centrale Ornithologique Aves is collecting loose observation data, sent by amateur ornithologists in Belgium. Before 1990, the data were stored on hand-written record cards that were filled in by experienced volunteers, from monthly record forms sent by hundreds of field birdwatchers. In collaboration with the GBIF organization (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), a project consisting in digitizing the whole dataset was initiated. Together with the current observation database, pre-1990 digitised bird observation data will allow for study of change in bird phenology, distribution and abundance during a 50-year period. The data quality will be of the highest standard possible, thanks to careful record validation operated back when they were collected and the original web-assisted procedure of the digitisation process that is currently developed by Aves.