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Aves, 50/2 | 2013 | 80-88

  Breeding of the Great White Egret in the marsh Harchies: analysis of a difficult process of establishment
Jérémy Simar

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Article summary

It has always been thought that the most likely site to host the first nesting in Wallonia of the Great White Egret Casmerodius albus would be the Harchies marshes. However, and against all odds, the first successful nesting was observed in the Ploegsteert marshes in 2012. We can improve our understanding of the environmental factors that guide this species in its choice of a new site, by analysing the establishment processes of various young colonies in Western Europe. It seems that the Harchies marshes offered ideal conditions for the species - with, inter alia, other colonial heron species already present, marshy woodlands available, a readily available and abundant supply of food, and increasing over-wintering and summer individuals.


  • Jérémy Simar
    Direction générale opérationnelle De l’Agriculture,
    des Ressources naturelles et de l’Environnement
    Département de l’Étude du Milieu naturel et agricole
    Direction de la Nature et de l’Eau
    Chemin des Préaux 10
    B-7321 Bernissart (Harchies)

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