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Aves, 51/2 | 2014 | 87-106

  Phenology and intensity of diurnal postnuptial migration in the North Eastern Ardennes by migration monitoring (Ramecroix 2006-2010)
Arnaud Beckers & André Baron

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Article summary

We present the results of five years of monitoring postnuptial migration in the northeast Ardennes (the Ramecroix site) from 2006 to 2010. The timing and intensity of migration have been calculated for the 19 commonest species. Phenology for each species varied markedly from year to year. The passage of two particular species (Northern Lapwing Vanellus Vanellus and Song Thrush Turdus philomelos) was extremely concentrated in time. Comparisons with phenological data from the Netherlands and from Awirs (Liège) show differences between locations. The full dataset constitute a useful benchmark for future studies on the spatial variability of migration flow.


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