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Aves, 36/1-3 | 1999 | 7-30

  Red-backed Shrikes (Lanius collurio) and Great Grey Shrikes (Lanius excubitor) in Wallonia (Southern Belgium).
Jacob, J.-P.

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Article summary

The Red-backed Shrikes and the Great Grey Shrike are the only ones still breeding in Belgium : they are only present in Wallonia (Southern Belgium) after the recent extinction of breeding populations in Flanders. After a long decline and a retreat of breeding sites towards the south-east of the country, the Red-backed Shrikes populations are increasing again. Several warm summers during the eighties might have played an important role in this increase. The population is now estimated to 2000 pairs, but is only expanding on the western side of the river Meuse : elsewhere the population is merely increasing. The species is particularly vulnerable to the losses and changes of habitats. With regard to Great Grey Shrikes, the situation becomes critical as the species undergoes a continuous decline all over Wallonia and its present population shouldn't exceed 120-240 pairs. The losses of habitat and the scarcity of food during the breeding periods are most probably preponderant factors of this decline.