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Aves, 36/1-3 | 1999 | 71-94

  Biology, habitat and conservation of the Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor) in the Ardennes : study of two populations in the areas of Bastogne and Spa.
Bocca, S.

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Article summary

In 1997 and 1998 a survey was carried out on two populations of Great Grey Shrikes in the Ardennes. The densities observed in both areas fluctuate much (1.6 to 11.7 districts/100 km2). The breeding success was low : 11 youngs/9 pairs (3 successful broods) 10 1997, 16 youngs /6 pairs (4 successful broods) in 1998. This shows how essential the climatic conditions and prey availability are for a good reproduction. One hundred and twenty-three rejection-pellets were examined and showed the importance of vertebrates and micromammals in the Great Grey Shrike's diet (Table 3). Today the Ardennes habitat of this species mainly consists of young spruce plantations and forest clearings which seem to offer a good substitution habitat, farmland being inhabited by Great Grey Shrike only in winter (Fig. 4 & 5). But this new habitats are temporary and prevent us from being optimistic for the future of the species in Wallonia.