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Aves, 36/1-3 | 1999 | 193-204

  Global Shrike Conservation; problems, methods and opportunities

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Article summary

Shrikes are declining all over the world and need conservation very urgently. I give some arguments why shrikes should be conserved. I approach the problem of global shrike conservation using the framework for generic conservation actions as described by BirdLife International. Conservation can be seen as the combination of three elements: species protection, site protection and conservation of the wider environment. I illustrate the different situations of the legal status in different parts of the world and how this situation could and should be improved. The second part of the model includes the creation of population strongholds by special purpose management for shrikes inside protected areas. I give possible optimisation measures that could be included in the normal management programs of nature reserves. Since shrikes have a rather dispersed distribution pattern, the major part of shrike populations however can be found in the rural landscape. Therefore it is crucial to tackle the problem on a larger scale and work on influencing the political system to force people to take shrikes into account. I show how this is currently being done and how it could be improved. Finally I add another dimension that is crucial to the model: shrike promotion. Shrikes are almost unknown to the public and this must change if we really want to protect them. People need to be convinced of the importance of shrikes for mankind.

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