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Aves, 36/4 | 1999 | 207-223

  Study of the population of Monk Parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus) in Brussels.
Weiserbs, A. & Jacob, J.-P.

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Article summary

Monk Parakeet have bred in Brussels since 1979. During the eighties, seven communal nests have been built and the population increased to 30-35 pairs. In 1999, this small population amounted to 50-60 individuals on three sites. Several new nests and sites have been irregularly occupied since. Six nests are located on artificial supports, two of them having been occupied for 10-20 years (see pictures); five other nests are located in trees (parks, tree rows) and are not continuously used. Most nests are close to each other (Fig. 1). On two occasions, Magpie nests seem to have played an attractive role (attempt at occupation and visual stimuli). Breeding of feral pigeons and possibly of Stock Doves has been observed in those nests. This population is the only one in Belgium and one of the most northerly implantation in Europe (Fig. 2). Adverse climatic conditions might constitute a limiting factor to its development, as the species is clearly dependent on artificial feeding in winter. A survey of neighbours indicates a positive perception of the species presence.

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