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Aves, 36/4 | 1999 | 225-244

  Recent evolution of the breeding population of the Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus) in Wallonia and Brussels
Jacob, J.-P.

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Article summary

The Great Crested Grebe population in Wallonia and Brussels amounted to 854 adults in mid-may 1995 and at least 287 breeding pairs in 1995 (see Table 1). The Great Crested Grebe now breeds in most regions (Fig.1). The population increase (Table 2 and Fig. 2) results mostly from progresses in the Meuse river and Eau d'Heure lake. Once colonised, most sites remain regularly occupied. Populations also tend to increase for long periods on many sites. Great Crested Grebes occupy artificial ponds, industrial sites, rivers and less frequently dams (Table 6). This unprecedented high numbers can be explained by the availability of potential breeding sites, the abundance of fish and the protection given to the species. Furthermore, the repetition of mild winter may have improved winter survival, in particular of the less migrating populations.

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