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Aves, 37/3-4 | 2000 | 95-102

  Follow-up of a Pied Flycatchers (Fidecula hypoleuca) population and anti-predators installations in the domanial forest of Saint Michel (Saint Hubert). First results.
Moes, Ph.

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Article summary

In the seventies, about 150 nestboxes placed in the beech plantations of the forest of Saint Michel (Belgium, Ardenne) sheltered each year 15 to 31 broods producing 51 to 156 fledglings. At the end of the eighties, the presence of Pied Flycatchers in the nestboxes decreased and the broods were decimated by predators. Since 1998, protection measures have been taken, including the setting of wire mesh round the nestboxes. This protection system proved itself very efficient : the occupation rate of the so protected nestboxes (all species taken into account) reached 90 % in 2000 and nearly 100 % in 2001 (60 % in 2000 for the unprotected nestboxes) and predation disappeared totally.

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