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Aves, 40/1-4 | 2003 | 197-199

  Ornithology and Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) identification in Nazinga game ranch - Burkina Faso.
Ortier, B.

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Article summary

With 317 bird species recorder today, bird richness of the Nazinga game reserve doesn’t need to be demonstrated anymore. To take advantage of the visit of the belgian team from the “Cigognes sans frontières” program, in November 1999, we found it interesting to introduce the Black Stork to the NGR staff. This bird lives six months in temperate areas, as Belgium for example, and six months in tropical areas like Burkina Faso. This was a good way to set a link between our two countries, specially to compare their respective environments. We tolke about storks biology, requirements, occupied habitats during the stay in Europe, migrations and Argos satellite monitoring. We explained the migration phenomenon and the journey to West-Africa for many European species but, also the importance of an international protection of those birds. Even if it’s not easy for a tracker to understand species conservation at a continental or international scale, the Black Stork example was a good occasion to popularize this subject in general.

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