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Aves, 42/1-2 | 2005 | 43-56

  The spoonbill Platalea leucorrodia during spring migration in the Seine Estuary.
Barachon, V., Aulert, Ch. & Hemery, D.

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Article summary

The Seine Estuary is one of the main staging places for Dutch Spoonbills during their spring migration. This work, carried out from the end of February to May 2003 provides not only a study of spring populations in transit in the Estuary, but also an analysis of the different aspects of feeding ecology of the species on the site as well as the various sources of disturbances on the site. This study shows the increasing importance of the site for the Spoonbills. In this estuary, the birds eat mainly little fishes (Gasterosteus aculeatus, Pungititus pungititus), and in second place white shrimps (Palaemonetes varians). In order to improve their diet during this staging, it could be useful to improve water exchanges between the different hydraulic compartments, which would allows the arrival of preys and their renewal in the ponds. Spoonbill has to endure some disturbances linked to human presence and to traffic. It seems important to limit these disturbances so that spoonbills can find favourable conditions during their spring migration.

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