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Aves, 42/1-2 | 2005 | 156-162

  Daily behaviour of the Garden Bulbul (Pycnocotus barbatus) in two suburban sites of the Algerian Sahel (Algery)
Milla, A., Doumandji, S. & Voisin, J.-F.

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Article summary

The Garden Bulbul is a tame, gregarious bird in the Algerian Sahel. We recorded its daily activity pattern at two suburban sites, where it spends 82.0 % of its time perching, preferring taller trees like eucalyptus (13.3 %) in accordance with its origin as a forest bird. It calls and sings continuously and loudly, and mainly shortly after sunrise and before sunset. Its food is varied with a preference for fruits, accounting for 77.6 % of its diet. It also hunts small prey (12.5 %), often on the wing.

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