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Aves, 43/2 | 2006 | 65-72

  Uniparental nesting care in Wryneck (Jynx torquilla)
Kervyn, T. & Xhardez, Ch.

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Article summary

An radiotagged adult Wryneck provided information on a case of uniparental care in Wryneck in the Belgian Ardenne. The nest was located in a spruce snag of 3.8 m high abandonned after a recent spruce clearcut. The home range reached 255 ha before the nesting period. During the incubation and the feeding of youngs, it was reduced to 8 ha. Foraging took place mainly in the clearcut remains, between 150 and 500 m from the nest. Both incubation and feeding of youngs were performed by the radiotagged adult solely. Among the five eggs, only two chicks hatched. This is a putative case of male-only care.

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