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Aves, 43/2 | 2006 | 73-82

  15 years of survey of the House Martin (Delichon urbicum) in rural, urban en suburban habitat in the Greater Namur.
Paquet, J.-Y., Fouarge, J.-P., Monmart, A. & Wargé, L.

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Article summary

In the Greater Namur area (165 km2 - Namur Province, Southern Belgium), the entire House Martin breeding population is monitored since 1990, by systematic counts of intact nests. A significant linear decline of 1,86 % per year is observed, in agreement with the global trend of moderated decline in large parts of northwest Europe, qualifying the species as "Species of European Concern" according to BirdLife criteria. In the Greater Namur area, this global trend is not reflected equally in all habitat types used by the species: the decline is strong in urban habitat (-4,34 % / year), less pronounced in rural habitat (-1,87 %) while House Martin breeding population is globally stable in suburban habitat. This emphasises the need for checking habitat types representativity when estimating a global trend using local House Martin monitoring data. The varying trends in different habitats also suggest an effect of local habitat degradation, rather than global decline driven by large-scale causes.

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