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Aves, 44/1 | 2007 | 29-36

  Return of nesting Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus in Algery
Belhadj, Gh., Ghalabi, B., Chabi, Y., Kaiser, Y. & Gauthier-Clerc, M.

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Article summary

After 140 years without evidence of reproduction, a colony of Glossy Ibises was discovered in 1998 at Lake Tonga in northeast Algeria. We collected data on the breeding traits during the following two years. The number of ibises varied from 15 to 78 individuals on the foraging areas. The individuals were present at the colony from the 25th of April. The maximum number of breeders was reached after ten days in 1999 and twenty days in 2000. The height of nests was on average two meters above the water and the distance between nests at least 0.9 m. First laying occurred on the 10 May 1999 and 5 May 2000. Four eggs per nest were layed on average, three chicks hatched and three chicks fledged, yielding a breeding success of 75%. Glossy Ibises continued to breed in this colony during the following years. In 2005 the number of pairs was estimated to be 70-100. We suppose a long-term installation of the species in the northeast of Algeria. Individuals from this colony may disperse and create new colonies in Algeria and Tunisia.