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Aves, 44/3 | 2007 | 135-136

  Stonechat (Saxicola torquatus) colour-ringing in the belgian Ardenne
Paquet, J.-Y., Sevrin, D. & Vandevyvre, X.

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Article summary

Although there exists a strong bias towards colourringing of large bird species, colour-ringing of small species can also bring significant insight into bird population functioning. The Stonechat (Saxicola torquatus), an early-successional bird of conservation interest, has been chosen as model species to study population dynamic mechanisms during forest bird succession. Since 2004, the Stonechat population inhabiting open areas in the Croix-Scaille forest (Namur Province, Belgium) is studied during the reproductive season. Every pairs is surveyed to evaluate breeding success and, if possible, adults are colour-ringed, while nestlings are ringed. Population parameters are related to environment parameters to investigate the effect of vegetation succession on Stonechat populations. Preliminary results suggest that, even in this fastchanging environment of spruce plantations, Stonechats are site-faithful between successive broods as well as between successive years. This could lead some breeding pairs to ecological trap as they could prefer to stay in their territory even if the habitat already becomes unfavourable for successful breeding.

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