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Aves, 46/2 | 2009 | 71-77

  The Swift (Apus apus) in the North Liege district: quantitative changes (1993-95 to 2006) and situation of the nests.
Bronne, L.

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Article summary

Counts of Swift nests, based on droppings visible on the pavement, were carried out in a 0.65 km2 district of Liege in 1993, 1994, 1995, and 2006. A considerable number of couples was found, as shown by the 1995 count (4.7 pairs/ha), and seems stable. The edges between two roofs, at least one of which was wooden, were the preferred nesting sites on house fronts. Thus, their gradual replacement by more solid materials is a danger for the species.

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