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Aves, 46/4 | 2009 | 173-181

  Initial examination of data from a winter count of birds in gardens
Paquet, J.-Y., Poncin, J., De Sloover, M., Buchet D., Bronne, L. & Rousseau-Piot, J.-S.

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Article summary

Since 2004, a project for counting garden birds has been organised by Natagora during the first week-end of February of each year. This project has been hugely popular with the general public and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of observations being recorded. This paper looks at some approaches to analyzing the data and considers the main problems of interpreting the data, taking into account that they come from a special type of habitat, namely private gardens, mainly situated in densely populated areas. A comparison of the mapping of observations for any particular species, against the atlas of breeding birds, shows differences in distribution between winter and spring for the Coal Tit, the European Robin and the Song Thrush. Some species, like the Carrion Crow and the Ring-necked Parakeet, show an increase in their frequency in gardens between 2004 and 2009, but this result needs further confirmation through analysis of longer temporal sequences.

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