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Aves, 49/2 | 2012 | 67-75

  Movements of Common Kestrel Falco tinnunculus during post-breeding and pre-breeding periods in Burgundy
Luc Strenna & Nicolas Boileau

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Article summary

Migration of the Common Kestrel was studied in Burgundy, France, from 1992 to 2005. Based on regular road counts on a 412 km² hilly area, results also focused on local dispersal movements of colour-ringed birds in the area (n = 400). Differences in bird densities along the autumn (and spring) were attributed to bird movements, with an increase in numbers mid-august (but highly variable) which can be attributed to local dispersal of juveniles. No obvious peak in spring was observed. Migrations did not differ between sexes (phenology or numbers). Results are similar to those described elsewhere in the east of France and in Western Europe but are among the first in France to describe migration movements of Kestrels in a lowland study site.


  • Luc Strenna
    2 rue Pierre-Joseph Magnin
    21000 Dijon
    lstrenna@gmail.com (correspondance)

    Nicolas Boileau
    Les Marais 53410 Bourgon

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