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Aves, 51/4 | 2014 | 251-256

  First breeding of Mediterranean Gull Larus melanocephalus in Wallonia
Jérémy Simar & Vincent Leirens

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Article summary

Since 2009 there have been regular visits of Mediterranean Gulls Larus melanocephalus to the colony of Black-headed Gulls Chroicocephalus ridibundus in the Harchies marshes. The numbers of visitors and of their courtship behaviours increased until 2014; when a pair comprising an adult female and a first summer's male successfully nested. Factors contributing to this first nesting event in Wallonia include the good health of the colony of Blackheaded Gulls, which is due in particular to the creation of an island on the marshes and the increase in numbers of breeding Mediterranean Gulls in northern France, Flanders and the Netherlands.


  • Jérémy Simar
    Direction générale opérationnelle de l’Agriculture,
    des Ressources naturelles et de l’Environnement
    Département de l’Étude du Milieu naturel et agricole
    Direction de la Nature et de l’Eau
    Chemin des Préaux 10
    B-7321 Bernissart (Harchies)

    Vincent Leirens

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