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Aves, 53/1 | 2016 | 19-28

  Census of Monk Parakeets Myiopsitta monachus in Brussels in 2016
A. Weiserbs & A. Paquet

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Article summary

There has been a breeding population of Monk Parakeets Myiopsitta monachus in the Belgian capital since 1979. This introduced population is one of the most northerly in the world. In early 2016 we investigated the condition of the population by counting, outside the nesting period, the numbers of birds that returned at dusk to the communal nests. We identified a total of 139 communal nests, comprising 8 separate colonies; one of the colonies being divided among three cores. Simultaneous counts indicated a total of 200-223 individuals. This suggests that the total population is between 200 and 250 individuals. The fact that numbers remain low in Brussels suggests that there is some limiting factor, probably linked to climatic conditions.


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