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Aves, 53/4 | 2016 | 219-230

  An impact indicator estimates the effect of climate change on bird populations in Wallonia
Jean-Yves Paquet

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Article summary

Climate change is reshaping bird communities: this phenomenon, which has been evident since at least the late twentieth century, has recently been demonstrated at continental level for both Europe and North America, thanks to the development of an impact indicator tracking changes in populations of breeding birds. In this paper we apply the same principle to develop an impact indicator on a regional scale.In Wallonia (southern Belgium), climate change seems to have some impact on changes in numbers of common birds since at least the beginning of this century. In this part of Europe, many more breeding species are negatively impacted by global warming than positively. However, climate change is accountable for only a relatively small proportion of the changes in bird populations in Wallonia.


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