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Aves, 57/1 | 2020 | 41-51

  Proposals to improve the protection mechanisms of Corn Crake Crex crex in Wallonia
Arnaud Laudelout, Philippe Ryelandt & Jean-Yves Paquet

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Article summary

In Wallonia, the Corn Crake Crex crex is a very rare and localised species. In view of recent publications  and conservation actions in other countries, we suggest modifying current actions by  focusing mainly on the possibility to adapt the « Agro environmental and climatic measures (ACM) ». The Corn Crake is a hay meadow species and it is often necessary to delay mowing in order to ensure  successful nesting. We suggest that the brood protection measures should be extended to a radius of  250 m around all calling males. It is also imperative to increase financial compensation for farmers who delay their hay mowing. In the medium term, a specific ACM with very late mowing of approximately 20 % of the total meadow  area is required for Natura 2000 sites that are specifically designated for the Corn Crake. Finally, for these  same sites, 2 % to 3 % of the total area should be managed as areas of tall herbaceous vegetation in spring and autumn.


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