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Aves, 57/2 | 2020 | 87-102

  The population and the habitats of Common Swift Apus apus in the Brussels Capital Region
Anne Weiserbs, Alain Paquet, Martine Wauters & Damien Sevrin

Article is not available in pdf French article available for download in 2022

Article summary

This article presents the results of a survey of the Brussels population of Common Swift which was carried out between 2016 and 2018 under the programme "Monitoring of the State of the Brussels Environment" (for which Aves-Natagora has been collaborating with Bruxelles Environnement since 1992). The main objective was to improve our knowledge of the aspects of the habitat that are preferred by this population so as to improve our understanding of how the population may be preserved and its decline halted. Also a standardised protocol was developed for routine monitoring at regional level. The results have enabled the definition of the best sites for such monitoring. The densities obtained in this work are consistent with figures in the literature, suggesting that the methodology is adequate and that the figures obtained here can provide a useful basis of comparison for the future. Most of the colonies that we found were small. As regards habitat, we found that most nests were located under the cornices in non-residential areas (with mostly semi-detached buildings), located along narrow roads.


  • Pôle ornithologique de Natagora
    Traverse des Muses 1
    B-5000 Namur

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