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Aves, 57/3 | 2020 | 123-146

  First nestings of the Baillon's Crake Zapornia pusilla in Wallonia
Alain Malengreau, Philippe Jenard, Robin Gailly, Colette Delmarche, Nathalie Picard, Matthieu Fabry & François Stocman

Article is not available in pdf French article available for download in 2022

Article summary

In late June-early July 2019 two pairs of Baillon's Crake were discoverd in the Marais d’Harchies (Hainaut); they were in a bed of Carex in the centre of a hollow in a shale-heap. In view of the sensitivity of the site where the birds were living, this exceptional event was monitored by a combination of sessions of direct observation with automatic cameras and microphones. The complementarity of the two approaches proved their worth in helping document the life of a species of such a retiring nature. They confirm that at least one of the nestings was successful. This Wallonian First is the result of a record influx of the species in Western Europe in Spring 2019.

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