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Aves, 57/3 | 2020 | 166-180

  Results of winter waterbirds censuses in Wallonia and Brussels area (Belgium) in 2019-2020
Jean-Paul Jacob, Marie-Charlotte Alvarez, Bernard Danhaive, Philippe Deflorenne, Mathieu Derume, Fabien Dormal, Rudi Dujardin, Elisabeth Godding, Claire Huyghebaert & Pierre Loly

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Article summary

The 2019-2020 waterbird counts occurred during another mild winter. The mild conditions on the one hand increased the dispersal of the region's representatives of a number of species. On the other, these same conditions were responsable for the rarity, or reduced length of stay, of overwintering species from Nordic countries. Thus the total number of indigenous Anatidae recorded in January was the lowest in twenty years. In contrast there were above-average numbers of various fish-eaters (grebes, cormorants, herons and bitterns, and Goosanders Mergus merganser). The numbers of allochthonous, non-indigenous Anatidae were around average. There were large numbers of the Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago.

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