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Aves, 10/2 | 1973 | 113-121

  Pellets analysis data fit with the field observations made in 1972 on the White Storl (Ciconia ciconia) pair breeding at Hachy (Lorraine, Belgium).
Baudoin, G.

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Article summary

Remains of 225 insects (of which 97 Coleoptera, 25 Dermaptera and 3 Orthoptera) together with bones of 18 small mammals were found in twenty pellets collected around the nest (group A) and the roosting-place (group B°. This implies an abundant meat dict. From 3 to 20 insects were summed up in each pellet. More than one mammals are only represented by rests of Moles (Talpa europea) and Field Voles (Microtus arvalis). Absence of batrachian remains is worth noting, altough Frogs represent only a small part of the White Stork diet. Differences have been observed between the two groups of pellets, but conclusions would be hazardous due to the restricted number of collected pellets.