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Aves, 11/3 | 1974 | 137-142

  The Atlas project in Britain and Ireland.
Sharrock, J.T.R.

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Article summary

The fieldwork for the joint British Trust for Ornithology / Irish Wildbird Conservancy Atlas project was carried out in 1968-72. Despite final doubts in many quarters, every one of the 3.860 10 X 10 Kilometre squares in Britain and Ireland was covered in the five years, mainly by about 1.500 dedicated observers (through over 10.000 people contributed records). Although the breeding birds of Britain and Ireland were quite well known before the project started, many new facts have emerged and the results will provide a very valuable baseline for future work. After detailed checking and the writing of texts to accompany each map, the results will appear as a book. The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland. The main reason for the success of the project was that observers enjoyed doing the fieldwork.

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