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Aves, 13/4 | 1976 | 229-243

Delmée, E. & Godart, P.

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Article summary

In spite of absurd and illegal killing, the Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius), observed irregularly since 1960, has managed to remain in the large woods of western Hainaut. For the first time, in May 1975, its nest was discovered in Stambruges; it is the extreme western breeding range reached by the species in Belgium. Unexpectely, the nest was situated just near a tourist centre. Observations were carried on during the month of May 1975, that is to say partly during incubation and breeding. The most amazing thing observed was cohabitation of a Starling with the Black Woodpecker. Both nested in the same cavity and used the same opening to come in and out. It is to be expected that the cavity, bored by the Woodpecker in sound wood but at the edge of a worm-eaten zone, communicated with a second one used by the Starling.

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