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Aves, 14/4 | 1977 | 217-232

Ledant, J.-P. & Van Dijk, G.

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Article summary

The Algerian wet zones may be classified into 5 geographical and ecological groups : - the El Kala area at the North-East includes lakes and coastal marshes most of them of fresh water. The most important are Mekhada marsh and Tonga, Ouberia, Mellah, Fetzara, ... lakes. A project to declare the area a National Nature Reserve is totally justified by the biological diversity of the area; - the lakes of barrages are mostly situated in the Tellian Atlas. Tens of thousands ducks are sometimes observed. Cheffia and Boughzoul lakes are particularly interesting; - the Oran area at the North-West includes saltwater pools and salt- ans freswater coastal marshes. The famous Macta marsh, one of the outstanding places of Algeria is situated in this area; - the Constantine area is more or less intermediary between the Oran marshes and the Southern Chotts; - the chotts of the barren and desert region have a poor avifauna but they attract trans-Saharian migratory birds. Unfortunately, most of these habitats are in danger. The need for water is worrying and the expansion plan already led to the drainage of certain zones. The local autorities are conscious of the problem and the hope is that the preservation of the most interesting places will go on.

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