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Aves, 14/4 | 1977 | 233-242

Ledant, J.-P. & Jacobs, P.

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Article summary

A new expedition was made in June 1977 in the Mount Babor area (Algeria) in order to improve our knowledge about the Kabyle nuthatch (Sitta ledanti). A careful study and a census were carried out in the biotope where the species was discovered in 1975 and in the surrounding area. In addition to the 10 pairs already found in 1976, a second colony (10 pairs) was spotted. Observations on behaviour and breeding habits confirm the likeness between Sitta ledanti and the two other Mediterranean species Sitta whiteheadi and Sitta kruperi. Considering the small number of individuals, the survival of the species remains precarious. A special protection sheme should be established and one may hope that its celebrity shall contribute to the safekeeping of the Kabyle nuthatch.

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