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Aves, 15/3 | 1978 | 86-122

Vasteenwegen, C.

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Article summary

From 20 July to 20 October 1976, we followed daily wader migration at Tirlemont (Tienen) sewage-farm. We also visited from time to time two other sites : Hougaerde and Leuze-Longchamps sewage-farms. We caught and marked a total of 98 individuals from nine species. Only Common Sandpipers (Tringa hypoleucos) were sufficiently abundant in our captures and observations to permit further analysis. Relative species abundances, species diversity and density are quite different from site to site. Possibly such differences are only due to particular ecological preferences, but we have to note that at the three sites, numbers were low. It is impossible, for the Common Sandpipe, to define an enclosure which could be called resting-place. We know that some factors influence resting-time (Gyllin, 1965) : -Attractivity : some clues tell us that food-availability did not have any importance for resting-time ; -Weather : daily variations in numbers did not seem to be in relation with local atmospheric conditions, and probably had no importance for migration. We tried to compare observations of 1975 and 1976. The curves were similar for all species pooled, except the Snipe (Gallinago gallinago). We think Tirlemont halt is a regular one. As it seems to be, no factor causes subit departures; resting birds, at least Common Sandpipers, replenish their vast reserves, as indicated by vast increasing. We have estimated Common Sandpiper resting-time, taking into account : -the time between first capture and last observation, for all marked birds; - corrections for the time-interval between arrival and first capture. We then tried to compute the global flux, as the ratio between total birds-days and average resting-time, corrected by time ratio effectivelly spent into the prospected area. For other species, some individual resting-times are also given.

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