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Aves, 16/1 | 1979 | 1-4

Jacob, J.P.

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Article summary

A pair and a male of Ring-necked Duck (Aythya collaris) were observed on the Oued Sébaou near to Dellys (Algeria), 80 Km east of Alger, the 24 th of February 1978. They were seen again on the marshes of Reghaïa, 50 Km west of the first place, the 28 th of February; the 12 th of March, only one male was still present. The Ring-necked Ducks were associated with a group of Pochards (A. Ferina) and Tufted Ducks (A. Fuligula); they behaved like wild birds. A description is given and the observations are discussed, as they represent the first ones for Algeria and for Africa.

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