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Aves, 2/2 | 1965 | 33-41

Devillers, P.

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Article summary

1. Origin of the belgian records of E. leucocephala. There are now six records (involving seven birds) of the Pine Bunting in Belgium. It seems likely that some of them at least are of genuine wild origne, for various reasons among which the sex and age repartition of the birds caught in the main. Moreover, as far as the latest record is concerned (DONEUX, in the same issue), the importation of those birds war forbidden in that year. An explanation of the rather frequent presence in southern and, to a lesser extent, in western Europe, given by NIETHAMER and THIEDE in 1962 is summarized. The record of 6.XI.1964 is discussed in correlation with the meteorological data, which are in concordance with NIETHAMER and THIEDE theory and reinforce the probability of a wild origine. It seems that in one - perhaps two - instance at least the birds were intermediates coming from the area of hybridization between E. citrinella and E. leucocephala. 2. Description and identification. Full notes on four of the birds caught in Belgium are given here,as a document? For a correct identification it is necessary to take all the details into account, anyhow as far as females are concerned. Nevertheless some main caracters are proposed mostly to draw the attention of the observer and give an orientation to the identification.

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